mambo mseto poetess in studio

New year New things…I kick off with the candid, beautiful and young poetess by the name Gloria Ndwale Moses from Mambo mseto, she speaks about her life and poetry, born on February 2nd 1992 in Malindi Kenya,the second and the last born in the family was raised up in ukambani in Machakos,she attained both her A level and O Level while attending local primary and secondary school in Machakos county
Gloria was active in school drama club, after completing her secondary school, she started to write her own poems and performing them in the year 2010, she performed her first poem during her Grand father’s funeral, she says this was her lowest moment in life. Gloria is a role model of her own she gets her inspiration from GOD, she write poems to educate and entertain people and not just for fun..the last born of the family likes reading and travelling a lot, taking photographs, writing and socializing.

Apart from poetry, she is a clerk in one of the law firm in Nairobi CBD, she doe appear on mambo mseto extra show every weekend from 4pm reciting her poems alongside Kennet B,Mzazi willy M Tuva and great DJ Flash, during her free time off the office and from mambo mseto show, she does a lot of visiting to children’s home together with her friends. She is a Christian and a member of ABC Makadara praise and worship team, she hate depending on people, the hard working young poetess dislike gossipers and like being weird

She intent to join the University this year to study law, she has passion for acting and modeling too, she is not a camera shy and dream of being a Tv Presenter in the near future. Gloria has made appearance in some of the great videos ,among them is the Spoken word by Kennet B called MPANGO WA KANDO, also on CHOKOZA reply by rapper Infuxx swagger and many other, after my interview with the cute face Gloria,to her ,its serious business this year, writing poems, recording them and performing them, she like spreading peace message through various media like posting on her facebook page Gloria Moses The Poetess and Twitter handle.She has performed in so many functions among them are Mseto campus tours in Eldoret polytechnic,Thika, Narok University and other campuses, she was among those who performed at the Slam Africa poetry gig ,Club Hearts Poetry every Monday and sometimes she does in the church….

She likes hanging out with poets and other poetess,smilling is her order of the day, she owe Kennet B a lot of gratitude saying he is a very noble person and a great poet, she co-host mseto extra with Him along Mzazi Tuva.The single and not married poetess has a lot in store for her fans and they should expect a lot from her and also listen the mambo mseto show every weekend for her Set Pieces. IF YOU DID NOT KNOW….WELL NOW YOU KNOW.



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  1. hi gloria… unanihook mambo bied kwa show alongside your spoken words.. pliz nipe link ya kudownload spoken words zako.

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