Ricky Bekko



He started his journey as a rapper before transforming to a man infront of keyboard with the touch of guitars and other musical instrument, He owned black Ball studio before moving to Sudan in 2011, after working for a short period of time, he came back to Kenya and settle in Eldoret where he worked as the main producer in Vitex Records. He worked with so many artistes as he built up his fan base in Eldoret.

Ricky Bekko is a producer who can work with any kind of artiste no matter the genre, from Hip Hop, Bongo, Techno,Genge ,kapuka and many more. He is the man behind the production of Alleluia by Raymond, Maneezy and Fabbo, mpe time by Mr. Jew and many other hit songs, under him, emerge a great rapper by the name KB who died late 2011 may his soul Rest in peace, he has worked with Rabbit, Chiwawa and shahidi,also he manage to mentor other Producers back In Eldoret

High lensed HD camera

Last year Ricky went back to Nairobi where he has opened his CLICK’D videos production, he is busy concentrating on videos only..His first work after the purchase of the very expensive cameras and lenses was Sikuelewi by duos from Uganda Blaze and Adupa featuring Young Ace, the video is receiving massive airplay in Uganda, Tanzania and 254, he is the director of Kechi dance by tony B and Young Abab


He is currently in Mombasa shooting other great videos, after the candid interview with Ricky Bekko,he disclose to me that he like how critics whom he mentor are busy try so hard to bring him down but he is past that, if you have any work, you want great and quality videos contact him……follow him on Twitter @RickyBekko and facebook at Ricky Bekko………IF YOU NEVER KNOW NOW YOU KNOW


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