Welo Welo


They are called Kagomaz…..KAGOMAZ is a group of three artiste the group that has lasted for long sticking together, among them is multy talented Welo Welo, Fyam and Medy Pack, this are the three guys who gave you Mbati featuring AT from Tanzania and not long enough, they came back with another hit called Yuka featuring a very mellow voice lady from chilly inc by the name Raina.As the song yuka propelled them to make a mark in the music industry in Kenya,Kagomaz are not sleeping, they recorded another hit song by the name FILANGE that complete their Album which is ready in the market.Filange video was done by the Bongo video heavyweight Juma Adam who also did Baade by Ommy Dimpoz and others.

Apart from music, Welo Welo is also an actor, TV Host, music and theatre show, i put spotlight on him today. Born Hamza Omar, we all know this guy From Mali Drama on NTV by the name Zolo playing a supportive role with Lulu, Apart from Mali drama, he was among the cast in another movie called Player club of Tanzania, it is through his acting talent that he has manage to built himself a large trend of fan base across the eastafrica region, that makes him to stand out among the three the ladies’ man, ladies go-ga over him.

Welo is the guy behind the marketing of kagomaz songs online, offline and worldwide, during my interview with him, he opened up, disclosing to me that his talent is overboard or rather diversity, he is also a Director Of Photography (D.O.P) worked with Dully sykes featuring Ommy Dimpoz and Diamond in the latest track called Utamu and Barnaba’s sorry, he is the guy acting in marlaw’s video missing my baby. He has traverse through many countries in Africa doing production, among the states are Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo and many other

One of the signed Artiste Renny Blazer

Since he joined Theatre to exploit his acting career,Welo decided to shave his dreadlocks, I pause a question to him to as why he decided to shave his trademark locks, being the marketer of all of Kagomaz products and he had to look more of official than casual.Welo is giving back to the society, he is planning to open artiste academy to nature young talented rappers, singers and spoken word poetry, he has already signed up number of artistes among them is Renny Blazer and still he want more artistes who will be recording with chilly inc owned by Genge maestro PiliPili………….

Kagomaz are in this game to stay, they are laying down their strategy to make sure that you can buy their  album anywhere in the country without any inconvenience, to cement their name in the game, they won most of the coveted awards in the categories they were nominated last year 2012.They won Best group award and best performance awards during the coast music awards and also best Group awards during the Nzumari awards. Expect a lot from kagomaz this year; their merchandise is coming your way including T-shirts and others

welo after shaving
welo touring Rwanda

To avoid being conned by fraudsters pretending to be Kagomaz on social sites, make sure on twitter you follow @welokagomaz @fyamkagomaz @meddymelody and @kagomaz_kenya…………


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