Gospel sensation Willy Paul is back with a bang, after a lot of controversy late last year 2012, and the saga of being exposed by certain pages on social media of having been misbehaved with fellow secular artiste by the name Pendo on the material day of Kisima award which he dismiss the claims, the sitolia hit maker came back with a single track mpenzi that is getting serious airplay across the country.

And when the mpenzi song is still fresh on fans mind, sweet and a blessing to many of his fans, Msela Willy has just bounced back and release another track called…YOU NEVER KNOW, the track that makes its debut on every gospel TV shows on Sunday 13th January 2013 seems to be a blessings to many and its being requested by fans across the nation. Is Willy Paul proving a point to critics?Image

For those who thought that he was just a one hit wonder artiste, hold back your horse and think twice, he has proven to be a wonder kid on the block and here to stay praise and serve the lord……. IF YOU NEVER KNOW NOW YOU KNOW….


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