C’zars at home



On Friday ,October 13th,2006,Mombasa’s fast rising musician left his Bamburi home for an afternoon walk, he has not been seen since. The criminal investigation department seems to have put the matter on hold at least that’s according to Czars parents, The police are not any different and the Kenyan showbiz where he participated heavily are also on a silent mode.TV do not air his videos anymore and Radio stations are no longer playing his music apart from Mambo mseto by Mzazi Tuva who last played His song in 2010 that’s according to his father.

Speaking to him on phone,Mr.Abdulkarim Makasi says no any big artiste is willing to talk about Czars any more, he gave to the public a sum of up to 50k as a reward to any person who knows of his son’s whereabouts in 2009 but all was fruitless. Czars was very popular among the youth having won several accolades among them chaguo la teeniz, fanta pure fresh oxygen talent search etc.He shared big stage with Sean Paul, Amani,Mr.Blue ,Red Sun, Prezzo, Jua Kali,Nameless and many other artistes.

last seen in 2006

Prior to his mysterious dissapearence,Czars was a Fourth form candidate at Kilindini secondary school in Mombasa,In 2005 he shed tears when he learned that his hit song Amka ukatike did not win in the kisima awards. There are so many theories as to why he went missing, others say he could not handle the pressure of failing the exams, others says he went way with a rich Italian woman, and others say his father was harsh on him that’s why he ran away but that’s not the case.

Czars if alive he is supposed to be 24 years of age according to mzee makasi his father. You have probably heard and dance to his songs or read about the young idol on papers ,you all enjoyed his music, if you know of his whereabouts please call Mzee MAKASI on his mobile phone +254722282294 or email him on abdulkarimakasi@yahoo.com…….From us Kenyan celebs 411,we will continue tracing him for as far as we can to locate where he his……IF YOU NEVER KNOW,NOW YOU KNOW.



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