KENNET B’S PROFILE Odongo Kennedy Leakey known in the spoken word poetry edutainment industry as Kennet B, started mastering word 25 years ago but came to the platform of active performance early 2009 after winning Slam Africa Poetry Championships in Nairobi-Kenya. He had earlier recorded his first spoken word poetry single “Reality Absurdity” which also has a video yet 2 be released. Driven by the global concern about our depleting atmosphere which has adverse effects on our green environment and the spread of HIV among the now and old generation, his lyrics are majorly pegged around our social involvement and the daily activities we get involved in, in conserving our environment and living a morally upright life. “Word” being the basis of his sound artistic expression, Kennet has been able to put together 4 Spoken Word Poetry albums: 1) Coming of Age 2) Success 3) Twak Galamaoro(A Dholuo spoken word album) 4) New Earth Performing at the UN habitat Messenger of Truth Concert mid 2009, proved to Kennet that his environmental concern has some serious global interests and acknowledged this by developing a 1 hectare mixed – tree forest named “NEW EARTH”, where young poets regularly gather at his countryside home in Nyanza to develop their writing and story telling skills. This foundation has grown into a writers’ and performers’ spotting and mentoring foundation which connects poets to self expression platforms. In this vein, he has been honored to co-host a live spoken word poetry album on Citizen Radio under Royal Media Services in his home country Kenya, a show whose fan base has immensely grown due to authenticity of food for thought. As an environmentalist he doesn’t throw away any seed, he says. His humorous social narratives that are tactfully woven to enable his Educative-Entertainment approach bring taboo topics like HIV&AIDS into public discourse, leaves his audience with the desire to change any overt behavior.


Kennet B has his first book, “The Sheng Anthology” , a collection of 12 thought provoking stories ready for publishing and it is from this that he is set to connect the old art of story telling with the new language of the now’s generation. It is a set of conflict-laden social narratives aimed at impacting the repeated empathic distress felt when a favorite character is seen in imminent danger. This often enhances the enjoyment of the stories and one sees the resolution of the threat (HIV&AIDS) as the narratives unfold.He Has a spoken Word famous known as MPANGO WA KANDO…it discourage people from cheating.As always….IF YOU NEVER KNOW,NOW YOU KNOW!!


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