Kenya is among the countries in East Africa that needs to submit names of its Representative to the BBA house either upville or Downthis year,other countries in East Africa are Uganda and Tanzania .Its all about the game ,if you play wel you may end up being the ultimate winner of millions Jackpot.

Last year kenya was represented by three People,Twin Brother Alex,Malonza and The El Presidente Jackson Ngichu Makini Alias Prezzo,The Maasai worrior woe the all of Africa by his smart play and Rude boy show,that enabled him to come close to the Prize that he entualy lost to Keagan of South Africa.

There are 3 remaining weeks for you to apply to Represent kenya,the application Period ends on 14th February 2013..You Can try your luck and apply.Apply Here…here at Kenyan Celebs 411 we wish you Good luck.


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Kenyan Celebs 411

I have passion for culture and heritage for our motherland africa

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