Born Idah Wanyoike on 9th April,Olive is one of the fast raising actress in the country,being borned and breed in Nairobi,Olive had the chance to showcase her acting Career when she start doing alot of stage Play with Heartstrings Kenya and Friends Ensemble before Landing the Olive Role in one of the best Tv Programmes the Mother-in-law Where she plays the role of a spoilt brat alongside Angie and Celina.

Olive at home

She says,she landed the Olive Role after she had done a stage play by the name “There Goes The Bride” playing as Polly Parkins with the friends Ensembles alongside fellow mother in law counter part Andrew Muthure(Mustafa). There has been so many Theory about the cast of the programme being related and land any role on a silver Platter,she refute the claims and says that they are only Related in the Programme but in real life they are not related,infact all the cast in the programme went through auditioning process and picked after she/he pass the requirements,thats how she got the Olive Role.

Olive on set with Friends Ensemble

Olive like swimming,singing and travelling a lot,during a Free tíme,she spend with family ,friends and her Fiance,also she does hang out with fellow actor and actress and watching Series Movie.She is

Modeling for Salon Magazine

Thankful to all of Mother in law crew and cast,she said even when she started,there was much support and love,she never felt like an outsider or Armateur,she is greatful to be part and percel of the Programme where every Individual is treated Equaly and Same You can Like her facebook page Like the page here……….

Olive and her Fiance

Enough writen in black and white…IF YOU NEVER KNOW NOW YOU KNOW!!


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