Months after She release Follow follow song,a former fan come out strongly to accuse Gloria of Copying another song,here is what he wrote
I am writing this as a former
loyal and die-hard fan of yours.
A former fan who looked up to
you as an Icon, as a spiritual
leader and as an honest and
very talented artist. I loved your
“sitolia” song and truth be told,
it was very blessing not to me
alone but I believe to everyone
who has ever heard the song.
When I heard about the rumors
about you registering the
“sitolia” song under your name
blocking out Willy Paul, I
thought that they were all just
but rumors and that you would
never do such a thing. Blinded I
was by your so called “upright”
stature. Seeing you in concerts
and on TV praying and blessing
God one would think that you
are indeed filled with the spirit
and not the “spirit”. When I
heard your song “Follow you” I
was so happy and saw that you
heard really grown in spirit, in
faith and in your music. Blinded
I was again. I was shocked,
embarrassed and even lacked
words when I heard Chris
Tomlin’s song “I will follow”
MULIRO!!! hata huna aibu!! How
could you steal Chris Tomlin’s
song and brand it as your
own???!!!?? How stupid do you
think Kenyans are? Do you think
we don’t listen to international
music?? Are you that desperate
to make music and become a
“Celeb”?? I thought you were
singing for God and praising
Jesus and not singing to become
a celebrity. I am ashamed and
disgusted by your lack of
originality and fake talent! You
need come out clean on this
issue…labda Chris Tomlin
alikuambia uremix ngoma yake
na hatujui…we need clarification
as your former fans.
Yours (I mean Not anymore
yours) sincerely
Former Fan.”
Watch the exposed evidence Here Follow You and Follow Follow
If you never Know Now you know


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Kenyan Celebs 411

I have passion for culture and heritage for our motherland africa


  1. Its a common trend for gospel singerrs allover the world to sing other people’s song. Paul mwai’s through it all’ has been been done by hundreds or perhaps thousands of artist’s allover the world. This is a hater whose intention is only to try and bring down the talented musician. Or how would you explain the ragfe as if it is his song that has been stolen??????

  2. Mboss, nothing wrong with that. Atleast she passed Chris Tomlin’s message to the interiors of Kenya where I doubt whether Chris Tomlin could reach. Though you say you’re a die hard fan this is pure hatred. That’s not the first case.

  3. Reblogged this on dmutati and commented:
    I tend to differ with this. This is not the first case. We’ve always appreciated the same song by different artists. Atleast Chris Tomlin could not reach some interiors of Kenya, Gloria did. Though you say you were a die hard fan, this is simply hatred. I can give some pretty examples. Heart of worship, i don’t even know the original artist. Gambler Kenny Rodgers Busy Signal.

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