It must have been long since you heard of  him,Last time i heard about him,is when i was enjoying a tot of taquilla in one of the Clubs in town,i asked my self so many questions of whereabout of MB DOG.
With my curiosity,i went ahead to ask the king of Radio Mzazi Will M Tuva  on twitter @MzaziWillyTuva,although he didn’t respond to my tweet,but he actually favorited it a clear indication that he  Noted it down and he will try find where Mb Dog is.After couple of Days,i decided to take the bull by its horn,i went out looking for him atleast to blog this for many fans who must have missed him,Lucky enough,i got him through Producer Sules of Sules inc Entertainment.

Mbwana Mohammed AKA MB DOG…is back,yes he is back.The “natamani nikuone” “Latifah”hit maker is back but this time round in the film industry,Doggy has vow to take the Swahiliwood by a storm,He has dropped new Song to his fans just to mark his return in Bongo industry … Download it here MB Dog-My Digina

His first Movie to act in is Nankonda wa mikindani where he is the main Actor,in our one on one whatsapp chat this is what MB Dog had to say
“Kwasababu katika muziki
ninafanya vizuri, sasa nakuja na
katika filamu.Sina maneno
mengi, watu wakae mkao wa
kula kumwangalia Mb Dog.”

Habari ndio Hio…much thanks to Sules for connection


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