Who is This Man RICKY BEKKO!!!!!



Who is this Man Ricky Bekko?his likes and unlikes are Even,The young Video director believes he’s the eye that
sees what the rest can’t see in video production; but
who is this Ricky Bekko?? Harryzon Jayugah unveils the youngest Director and the New kid in Town!!!!.

Kenyan Celebs-What are your Real Names?
Kwa majina kamili inaitwa RICKY BEKKO i don’t have an AKA ,iam different,iam not a photocopy of anybody.
KC-When did you join the music industry??
2009 as a music producer while doing a few music videos for fun But later ventured fully into film/music videos in late 2012, after guys saw my potential n encouraged me to passue it
KC-You are among the leading Video directors in Kenya. How big is your Name in this industry?
Hahahaha Big? Well I don’t know about that, I wouldn’t consider myself as big all I know is that am learning n growing by each work that am involved in, maybe after a few years of hard work I might consider that.
KC-How would you describe your role on Video Production??
Well ad say that we are the second generation of producers, the first ones helped give birth to the industry and made it what it is, it is up to us now to elevate the industry to another level to the international audience. We need to compete with the Nigeria’s, S.As, Ghana’s etc, all I try to do is nature my skill to that level
KC-What are some of the biggest work you have ever directed?
Every work i do is big in its own way, bt ad say Dakika moja by Parroty n Sudiboy, Dedication by Khaligraph Jones, Love gone bananas by Eko Dydda were big in such a way that they opened doors for future success
KKC-Any other established Artiste you’ve worked with??
At the moment am working with Chess on her new single a collaboration with Khaligraph Jones, a new come back video for Cannibal, Sharama n Bobby Mapesa, Shamir and Susumila. Av also worked with Juliani on his Mtaa Challenge program Mr.Jew and Mr Seed’s Celebration music video
KC-What would you term as the turning point in your life?
When i ventured into Film, I felt comfortable n i now realise that I was meant to do this, i might as well say i was born for this
KC-Who is your role model?
Everybody that is doing a fantastic job is a role model they make me want to push myself further to produce better work,
KC-We never heard of Ricky Bekko until recently… where were you before?
I have been in a process of learning, mostly learning from others and from my mistakes which has helped become who i am now, I believe am now ready am like a rough diamond that is ready to be polished n presented to the world
KC-where do you see your self in the next 2 to 3 year???and the entire field??video production in kenya??
I can’t predict the future BT I want to be in the international stage if Clarence peters can travel across Africa to shoot videos, Sesan to USA to shoot Snoop Dogg, with Hard work n God’s grace i can emalute their succes. As for the Kenyan Music Industry we are headed to the right direction, we have unbelievably good talented directors. The govt should step in and make production equipments more affordable for us to match our international colleagues.
KC-Your Last words to fans,and to Both Established and upcoming Artiste?
The fans should expect some good videos from CMG and to the Artistes, we are looking forward to working with them to produce more hits. Its only the beggining for us and with their help we can accomplish greater things and follow me on twitter @RickyBekko ,support kenyan music

Habari ndio Hio


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3 thoughts on “Who is This Man RICKY BEKKO!!!!!”

  1. This guy is going places just that he hasnt hit the streets on nairobi where he will get enough deals.i can ask any1 to work or to do business with him s/he will not be disappointed, you pay him and you will see good work from ths son of bitch.

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