Nyashisky is Back with a Bang!!.


You probably knew him from the Kleptomaniax Trio of Collo AKA king wa Rap,Roba and Nyash or Nyashisky.After dropping their Last Album,the group separeted and decided to concentrate on solo projects,With Collo being the only active member in the industry after the break up,People or rather Fans have been asking Numerous question about the ability of Nyash and Roba to stand solo and do some good stuff just like what Collo is doing.

Well ask no more questions because Shisky is back,He has made a comeback,he is back with a hit track Wanahepa ..The lyrics are well outlined,the bridge of the song blend well with the sort of Beat in use. .He might have gone underground for some times but he is still the man to beat among the  Klepto Trio,his Rhyming prowess is still the illiest.This must be his well calculated strategy that we will soon know if its working.Just seat Back and watch him Prosper….


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