Daddy Owen:Another “System Ya Kapungala”


Owen Mwatia is Probably the top Gospel artist in kenya,His break through came  when he came up with a very different style of music as far as gospel industry is concerned,the famous “System of Kapungula”.
After a short while,Daddy owen came up with another style again this time it was “System of Kupede Cale” which won him an acholed In MAMA Awards .The Dakika tatu and Mbona featuring Deno hit maker released another new song collaborating with Juliani “Utamu wa Maisha” weeks ago.
Before the Utamu wa Maisha hit song fades away,Daddy Owen has realeasd another song that i believe that is going to be a hit,he featured in Danny Gait…”Ntamuimbia” is the name of the song,it starts by Danny hyming it blended well with Owen great voice of spoken words,The verses are just one of its kind,he doesn’t Dissapoint.
The last part he and Danny try to do an act,and that ends the song in the best way possible.The message is passed through in the simple way we can both(Young and old) can understand…

By Harryzon Jayugah
Twitter @HarryHarey1


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