SAUTI SOL:”We Are Not Gays”


Sauti Sol,When you mention the name on social Media platform,Some of the response that you are likely to get is something associated with gaysm,The group of four ie Bien Baraza,Polycarp Otieno,Willis Austin Chimano and Delvin Mudigi came out Yesterday and Refute claims of them being  gays,they are planing to take legal action agains UHONDO254 Blogger who blogged about them being Gays…
  Statement from their manager reads like this…
  ” It is obviously a ridiculous
rumour, even outrageous. Enough with the gossip and blogs. The band members are as gay as happy means, and would all like to keep their personal private lives including that of their
family and friends private and
respected.The band’s first reaction was shock at how someone or some blog could write that they had
interviewed them yet they
hadn’t, that’s wrong, malicious
and defamatory and we will be
taking legal action against all
these idle rumor mongers.” its a norm in kenya,when you are successful,people will say you have joined the illuminati, when Two guys who
enter into partnership and succeed and keep their wives out of the fame will be regarded as gays.

The group has been nominated to channel O awards vote for Them online  check it here Most
Gifted East African Video. and
“Money Lover” as Most
Gifted Afro Pop Video


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