Khaligraph Jones Goes-HAM-on Octopizzo on a Diss Track!!!

You Call it a Diss Track??


Well i call it Expose!!!!!!


Last Article i did Rappers Red Meat:Khaligraph Jones Punch Octopizzo,It was pure Diss  Lines,it seems Khaligraph Still want to prove something,He is fade up and he can’t take the Jabs any more from the other quater,he want to punch more harder and pocket his Rival,Khaligraph has clearly had enough of Octopizzo’s taunts and finally a diss track Going Ham on Octo-P-I-Double Z -O is out
He started like
“Since nianze kupata fame na
pesa kuna msee ako na
machungu / juu zangu
hazipatiwi na kamzungu.” challenging Octos way of getting Mulla  and he ends the 4 minutes Diss track with
“Success Can’t be measured by Facebook photos,Fake gold chains haiwezi shitua ma MCs” Find out the punchlines in between the Diss track here ———> Khaligraph Jones-I RUN 254(Octopizzo Diss)…we can only wait for a responce from the Kibera Finest.


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