Khaligraph:5 Reasons Why I Dissed Octopizzo with much Vigor


Beef is good for hip hop. It
really is. Hip hop feuds have
existed since soon after hip
hop music began. Throughout
the evolution of hip hop, we
have seen wild rap beefs
including Nas Vs Jay Z, Tupac Vs
Notorius BIG, 50 Cent Vs Ja
Rule and Kendrick Lamar Vs All
other rappers.
Last week, Kenya’s lyrical genius
Khaligraph Jones went out guns
blazing in an all-out attack on
Octopizzo. In a brand new track
titled, ‘I Run 254’, Khaligraph
disses Octopizzo with geared
aggressiveness. He claims that
Octo would be nowhere if it
wasn’t for his wife.


This is isn’t the first time
Khaligraph and Octopizzo are
feuding. Unlike before,
Khaligraph seems like he’s
ready for war this time. The
first time the two rappers
beefed, it was a result of
Octopizzo famously claiming in
an interview that he didn’t
know who Khaligraph was. Of
course Octopizzo knew who
Khaligraph was. They performed
on the same stage at Wapi
Festival a number of times
before they became big acts.
Then there was the theory that
Octo was trying his best to
spoil Khaligraph’s name on
social media.
I caught up with Khaligraph to
know why he really dissed Octo
and I found out that there’s
more to it. Perhaps more than
we were aware of. He was direct
and went on to give me five
concrete reasons.
1.) “Octo criticized me first,
live on radio and not once.
Ghetto radio listeners can
confirm this. He made fun of
my accent too, yet he himself
is very poor in English. “
Khaligraph obviously felt that
no one had a right to criticize
his accent. Especially someone
that doesn’t speak English so
2.) “He is Jealous that I
recently Topped the list of the
most Downloaded artist in K.E.
a position that he once
Khaligraph’s mdundo
downloads have been
phenomenal I guess.
3.) “After Rabbit I’m the
most Played Hip Hop artist on
Radio. Then there’s
Kristoff .Octo only depends on
his videos coz his music is not
radio friendly. He has
struggled to make any
reasonable song since ‘Ivo
Ivo’. He feels threatened
because I have finally gotten
the attention.”
Last year, Khaligraph had a
number of hits on rotation
including, ‘Shiro’, ‘You got me
sexy’, “Mario refix’ and
‘Biashara Remix’, whereas
Octopizzo only had one. This
argument seems pretty sensible
4.) “I landed a good deal
with record label Spincycle
and I’m getting paid. He’s now
hating. He can’t stand it “
Recording deals are important
for artistes. Whether Octo is
indeed threatened by the fact
that Khaligraph is getting paid
is yet to be known for sure. In
his, ‘I Run 254’ diss track to
Octo, Khaligraph claims that
Octopizzo doesn’t get paid well
enough. His finances mostly
come from his ‘mzungu’ wife.
That’s a low blow but we’ve
seen even heavier insults from
hip hop heavyweights in the
On the deals part however,
Octo cannot be completely
ruled out. He had a ‘Niko Na
Safaricom deal’ which obviously
paid off well, but deals like
that keep coming if you
continue to be on top. Octo
won’t continue getting such
deals if he continues with a
‘One Hit A Year’ trend, coupled
with allegations of copying
tracks. He needs to hit back
5.) “He dissed Kayole, the
hood in which I grew up.
Nobody does that when am
around. “
Khaligraph’s love for the 1960
(Kayole Estate) has always been
evident. He mentions the hood
in which he grew up in almost
all his tracks. Octopizo too
mentions his hood Namba
Nane (kibera). In an effort to
also poke fun at Octopizo’s
former hood, Khaligraph
claimed that Octopizzo can stay
at Namba Nane forever, but
number one belongs to him.
Hip Ho[p fans definitely want
to see more of this. If Octopizzo
doesn’t respond, it would be
very detrimental to his career.

NB Hip Hop fans are divided over
which of these two rappers is
better but what unites them all
is the desire to see more beef,
more diss tracks, more drama.
Let’s see how this one goes.
By Niaje


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