Majirani & Jomyn Ghipuka:Si Umarry Beef or Thief?

The latest music in town,

that must be Si umarry By Majirani ft Jomyn Mghipuka.The song was done and released a week a go,the video and the audio is that of Good quality from Grandpa records,four days after the release,the song is receiving Massive Airplay across all radio and Tv station ,apparently there is an artiste claiming the rights of the song,the upcoming Artist claim that Majirani and Co decided to steal his idea together with lyrics that he has already done its video,speaking to Jomyn,the Lad said the sony may have the same Idea but the Lyrics he wrote them by himself he even went ahead and post the same on his facebook page “ROMOURS!!.Created by Haters,Spread by Fools
and Accepted by Idiots!! so pissed off by
these Hooligans wenye wanaclaim aty tuliwaibia
ngoma # SI_UMARRY …av forced myself to listen
to thea version,.puffffffffff,.i did such kind of
music only when i was in form1..wakh quality!!
Plus the class3 raps gives u tht *arghhhhh*
feeling….they shuld style up!” .I’m yet to get majirani’s side of the story ,so is it Beef or Thief??

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One thought on “Majirani & Jomyn Ghipuka:Si Umarry Beef or Thief?”

  1. hii ni kazi ya Jommy&Majirani..hawakuiba song ya mtu..
    whoeva claims that ameibiwa ngoma ni wivu tu inamuuma.
    Kudos Majirani n Jomyn

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