Who is this Star Jomy’n Mghipuka?.

Jomyn Mghipuka Swagged up

He is one of the fast rising artiste in Kenya,After being Featured  in the hit song. Si Umarry by Majirani Jomyn’s dream seems to be shining, he believes he has been the king of Underground Music and its now the right time to hit it big,but who is this Jomyn Mgipuka? Harryzon Jayugah
unveils the king of Underground Music and the New kid in Town!!!!.

Kenya Celebs:What are your Real Names and how did you get your stage name?
My real name is Job Wanyama and i got my stage name “jomyn” from back in highschool..i used to be a fanatic of local music kwanza zile za jomino recordz…so instead of job i was cristened Jomino..so i ended up shortening it up to Jomyn!

KC:When Did you first join the music industry?
I started Doing music way back kitambo nikiwa chuo but Proffessionally I started in 2010 Immedietely after my O Level education

KC-You are among the fast rising artistes  in Kenya. How big is your Name in
this industry?
At the moment i will feel better if one would rank me as an underground king……for what I have achieved so Far

KC:What are some of the biggest work you have done since joining the industry?
I’ve been performing in quite big events  and in the same arena with big artists in the kenyan music industry like Nameless kenrazy etc,..proffesional shows invitations..so far the biggest thing is being part of the Si Umarry hook

KC:Any other Established Artiste you have worked with?

Majirani & Jomyn

Apart from Majirani…am working with another big name in the kenyan industry.That’s a suprise to be unlished mid-2014

KC:Who is your Role Model?No lie.When it to comes to this music showbizz.Kenrazy is the man i always look upon.

KC:What would you term as the turning point of your life?The whole “si umarry” project..From the day we stepped into the studio to have it recorded.Ndoto zilianza kuCome true…i got signed at ‘El mazuu recordz and am enjoying  being managed by the record lebel..

KC:Where do you see yourself in the next Few years to come and kenyan music?
Working on an international scale of music,Nigeria,SouthAfrica back to our neibhouring states….The Kenyan industry will be more of amazing..vitu zina go digital

KC:Apart from Music what else do you do?
Am a 3rd year student at Moi University Main Campus,Studing business adminstration and Marketing

KC:Your Last words to fans both Established and Upcoming artistes?
Losta love kwa mafans and more so appreciating for their most encouraging support mostly in the “si umarry hook”…to all artist lets make the kenyan industry more and more intresting..i admire the Nigerian industry,hhaha…and put God first in everything you do..thanks for having me in your Desk.


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