Octopizzo Replies to Khaligraph Through Freestyle and Claims he is better than him.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a while since Octo was send “Under” by Khaligraph Jones through a Diss track Dubbed I run 254, which was a pure diss to octopizzo.The Kibera finest took it home or may be to the bank?.If you thought it was over,well think again,the beef is far from over,octo is back with a Great Diss to Baba yao.

Most of the fans expected a Diss track from Octopizzo a reply to King Khali, but to dismay of many, he went to Homeboys Radio and did a freestyle diss to Khali and YGB members as he flashed out a huge lump sum of money to prove he is not in the same league with khaligraph and YGB members and far ahead of them. Maybe responding to khali‘s
Since nianze kupata fame na pesa kuna mtu ako na uchungu Juu zangu sipewi na kamzungu

Khaligrap Jones

Given that chance, Octo could not leave any stone unturned, the lad claimed that he has alot of responsibilities and errands to run unlike his hater”Khaligraph” who hustles for 200ksh for supper. Listen to the Freestyle Diss here Exclusive Freestyle diss to Khaligraph. Who between Octopizzo and Khaligraph runs 254?khaligraph must reply to this


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2 thoughts on “Octopizzo Replies to Khaligraph Through Freestyle and Claims he is better than him.”

  1. It is now simple and clear, kaligraph jones is the KING he has such overwhelming rapping thats totally lethal.Infact he is no much to Africa rapper, i campare him with big names like EMINEM.Octopizzo is way below the standard he can ma kaligraph

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