Vinjunia, Jomy’n:Refigah ‘Heavyweight’ is the stumbling block of #SiuMarry Success.

Jomy'n, Majiran & Vinjunia of Si u marry fame

Vinjunia and Jomy’n might be the new kids in the field, throwing their nets wider for the big fish, hard work and determination is attributed to their success. I sat down with the two artiste to get their side of the story.Arguably they are one of the newest entrants to the world of music, With their start-up capital running close to a million kenya shillings that’s after factoring in the venue, lighting, paying both the audio producer and video director among other needs, they are feeling the pinch when their hit song SI UMARRY  is no more playing in major Radio and TV stations.
How many of you believe in witch craft? Very few, the main person the two are accusing is one Refigah ‘Heavyweight’ as he is commonly known. Let me take you nyuma kiasi tu,you all know majirani of Hivo ndio kunaendanga?? The lad went to Grandpa records, did a track featuring Ti chi hit maker Kenrazy and top producer Vi6,who i strongly believe they largely contributed to its success, after doing very well, obviously there would be a fight and conflict over loyalties, that’s where the beef between Refigah and Majirani all started.


After the trio did their song Si U Marry, it received a massive airplay across major Radio and Tv stations, due to its quality and clarity it came with. After the tussle and bustling that’s s going on between Majirani and Refigah, the Song is no more receiving the airplay it use to enjoy in the beginning and the two are accusing Refigah of witch hunting,
“Yeah and when i heard about it i felt so bad, this is our project and how come we being punished for something that we dont know?That’s unfair, if they have issues between them they should not include the project that we spent alot to make it successful”said Vinjunia.
Even as we continue with this conversation, i could see the sadness in their face agitated with anger and regression and you can’t blame the lads

Jomy'n Mghipuka swagged up

“Yeah….”heavyweight” as he calls himself,he has no any power to influence the kenyan media stations from playing the song’..its affecting two more innocent heads who have never met with him or have any kind of contact and also the die-hard fans nation-wide who really enjoy the song both audio and video from their fevorite tv and radio stations”furious Jomy’n added.Have you ever invested in something then it does not pay off? Thats exactly what the duo are feeling.
“What i can say…me as VINJUNIA am a new brand in the kenyan industry,together with JOMY’N, we have no beef with anyone…..the project costed us close to a million and we did our best to deliver  our fans,we deserve something better than being punished for what we are not associated to, Thanks to EL-MAZUU RECORDS for its efforts for making sure the project is a success .CRYSTAL as the video director and ANTONIO MUZIQAL as audio producer…if refigah is behind this please we request him to do justice to us….it is our song and not majiranis because we are punished for something we dont know….all i need is the project to get airplay for our fans to get satisfied…..its a club bunger to soo many clubs and why not in media?it started playing in media n suddenly stopped….why???”concluded Vinjunia…. This is the plea of two innocent head.
WATCH THE VIDEO Here Si U Marry Vinjunia Feat Majirani & Jomy’n


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5 thoughts on “Vinjunia, Jomy’n:Refigah ‘Heavyweight’ is the stumbling block of #SiuMarry Success.”

  1. Walala.. You Guys Need Spell-check And An Editor. I Could Volunteer, Even. I’m Truly Embarassed For Y’all.

  2. watu wawache kucomplain napia kujichocha, stop pointing fingers at others for your own failures. sit back n evaluate y the song didnt get airplay reflect on it go back to the studio n work on something better. we know high budget projects n this isnt one of them.

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