Ricky Bekko!!!Easy to talk to humble  energetic,young and down to  earth is not enough to describe him.At his mid twenties,Ricky is  the Director/producer of The Mdundo countdown show on Startimes/ Triple P TV,music video director of various hitsongs such as Khaligraph jones – Abo teri Mos.Love gone banana-Eko Dyda etc We caught up with him at the CMG offices in Ongata Rongai and he has a lot to be grateful for.

Where did your spend your life as a kid??
I was born and raised up in Kawangware in Nairobi County

Describe your Childhood life.
It was awesome,we played football actualy made out of paper bags,we went swimming in the ponds(duf mpararo) we used to go hunting birds with catapult ( kuwinda manyoni na fare) tukacheza bano,kalongo. Lol basicaly it was fuuuuun!
Among your Family Members who inspires you so much??how many are you?

Its only me and my mum, she is the world to me. We lived in a 2 roomed Mabati house & my mum also worked as a housemaid in Lavington. My small sister past on in 2005 when she was 7yrs old, she died in Kenyatta Hospital simply we didnt hav enough money to take her to a better hospital, i also had girlfriend who carried my child & the baby also passed on during birth in KNH due to the nurses neglegence. So i promised myself to work hard so that none of my family will ever be in such a position ever again.working hard to give my mum the best because she deserves it in every single way. She supported me and talent when few believed in me.my past inspires me to make a better future for my family myself and people around me.

How do you handle fame?
Iam not famous, yes! few people might be familiar with the name but they definately dont know who i am .

Is it safe to say music pays your
bills?you depend on music for everything?? 
Yes music pays my bills but am not entirely dependant on music, i have 2 programmes running on Tv, i also do documentaries n have done afew commercial for several companies. Am also trying to venture into other businesess .

What can you say led to your
GODs favour and the determination i had for a better life, i used to sleep on the floor in a single room that cost 600 bob and i couldnt even afford to pay the rent. I never want to go back there so that fear keeps me on my toes.

Do you get people asking you for help and how do you handle that?
Yes alot of times,sometimes feels like an insult, knowing what i have gone through alot to be where i am at the moment it would be nice if they too worked had and not to xpect things on a silver platter. Like an artist asking for a free music video assuming the fact that you bought the equipments and your crew needs to be paid, the car needs fuel etc yes i have done videos for free but sometimes i feel offended.

How would you describe the role played by your friends  in your success?
My friends have played a crucial role in supporting CMG since we started, they joined the course not because of money but because of the dream we have.I thank them All.

Why did you choose the name Click Media Group?
I wanted a name that is funky n also cooperate, CLICK symbolizes technology, modernity and everything urban. So basically we are Modern and work with the best equipments Technology has to offer. I started off as CLICK VIDEOS in late 2012 but then Jillo came in and we decided to broaden our market base and not limit our selves thats when we settled for Click Media Group to enable us venture into other media related services as you can see. You are a click away to quality….

Your last words to youths and to those who look upon you as their role model??

To get on top…you have to use the stairs,no shortcuts in life,also success does not come on a silver platter,it will not come for you ,you just have to go for it.

After conducting the interview at CMG office in Ongata Rongai,i walked out a jovial lot knowing have gathered all i wanted for my piece >


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