Sultan wa Pwani

​If you haven’t watched this video by Sultan wa Pwani, you probably need a little upgrade as this is what everyone has been jamming to for the last couple of days.Sultan command of the topic and register thereto,Produced by  Morbiz Sheriff under thunder sound records ,he was  able to captivate and take the listener along with his intonations ,The creativity more so on  the graffiti part made it easy for sultan to take viewers along and to sustain the narration and balance this with the vivid descriptions of the persons and their feelings.

Sultan on Set Directed by Johnson Kyalo

Shot by the imaginative Johnson Kyalo, the video grapher played with almost everything to give the flick a western feel.The mastery of the content and the fluency in expression makes this song one of the best.Dope 10/10..

Download watch #Solemba



Seif Kalicha ,

a mombasa based artist got himself in a Mistaken identity situation.The story going round on social media about me stealing goats,is not true said the soft spoken Wake up call hit maker.I was the middleman , More of a broker.Iam an artist and people know me ,whenever they have anything to sell they will always come to me because of my name I can do business with anyone regardless,i was escorting the guys with goats to somebody who could buy them and that does not translate to a thief.If i was a thief, i wouldnt be walking freely  going on with my daily routine,added Kalicha,iam a free person iam innocent,those trying to turnish my name i will take legal actions,Kalicha posted across his social media accounts .

Even after the goats were found he is  still on the chase of the guys who got him to this kind of predicament.

Download wake up call mp3 on mdundo



Music plays a fundamental role in our sociaty, in a nutshell,how do you figure out life without music? Boring right? Jaffaryzo is at it again, *I do music for charity *

I do music to support the less fortunate ,and the needy, I give hope to the hopeless, “There is plenty of blessing when you make people smile in anyway possible “added pesa hitmaker.According to Binti Gayer his promoter,to ensure smooth running of their programmes ,

They imported video equipments that will help impromise their work. For hire,cash goes to the charity programme.The preparation for mapenzi kidonday video  is underway and it’s expected to be bigger and better. 



Salim Mwinyi  also known as FAT-S is not a new name to many in and outside the entertainment circle.The Mombasa based artist who once collaborated with Rich Mavoko, has a new project done under new management, Mboni yangu featuring

 WYNAS one of the fast rising artist in Mombasa Kenya  track was done by P-Lion one of the best producers the country has, at one of Big Dreams media studios.The video was directed by Ricky BEKKO CEO Big Dreams media, The creativity is amazing the director had in mind what people didn’t expected.You can view ====>


Jaffaryzo Online

What comes into your mind when the name Jaffaryzo is mentioned in the showbiz?Mr pesa..what comes into your mind any time the name CLD  is mentioned in the scene?Kabinti,a track that did well and still doing well a collaboration  between  CLD Micharazo and one of kenyas  best rapper Bamboo.

The award winning singer #Ryzo featured CLD in his new single track christened #Mapenzi kidonda.The song explains how love hurts the most when it’s not well nurtured and protected. Recorded and mastared by Morbiz Sheriff .Its taking over the airwaves download the new single and enjoy Mapenzi Kidonda ft CLD Micharazo