Round Uno :King Kaka

Renown Kenyan King of Hip Hop ,King Kaka Also known as Kaka Sungura is at it again,after the first salvos thrown at him by hip hop legend Labalaa, Round one tells it all.Generaly what Rabbit is talking about is that he is the best at what he is doing at this time.Labalaa talked of Kuleta Octo kwa game from garage(Bragged of introducing Octopizzo in the industry from streets) King Kaka replies by saying he was introduced by Chiwawa.Chiwawa alinipa tourch na siwachi kabisa..”Chiwawa showed me the way in and am here to stay.”Chiwawa is also a legend and a respected Rapper in Kenya.Its getting interested and ugly.Keep it 411 for more juicy updates of Rappers Red Meat.


Transfer Window:Amarila on his way to Hustle Nation.

Fast rising artiste from Mombasa Amarila is on his way to hustle nation,an entertainment outfit managed by Rozay DBK who also manages Spizzo of hit song Nipe Number and Bandanah who did Sinyorita.

Amarila has been working actively and closely with mombasa based entrtainment house STANTMASTAZ.The transfer has been concluded between the two managements and its official he *Amarila* will be dropping his latest project soon under new management of Hustle Nation.Among the hit songs he has done includes Nichomeshe Chocha Order Zee and Take you down produced and directed by Tekknix.All the Best.

The Real “MAPETE” Making a come back.

Babu Dee Mapete well known as MAPETE is up and running hitting the studio once again .Mapete who has been silent for quite a long time is making a come back into the music scene.Evidently, its almost two years since he dropped or rather released a project and this time round he is promising to stay active in the game.Talking to Mapete at Thunder sound records where he is busy working on his latest project with producer Sheriff ,the Lad had alot to comment ,We asked what he thinks about the industry and this is what he had to say.

Am the real MAPETE hao wengine wananiiga,wanajua mapete wa kweli ni nani hata wengine wanajua jinsi hilo jina lilikuja but soon enough kitaeleweka tu says Mapete who in the past worked with big names in the game,likes of Ali kiba and Top C from Tanzania.He is happy to see how active the industry is .Keep it 411 for more juicy updates from your Favourite Celebrities

411 One ON One with Bobby Milez

411 one On One with Bobby Milez

Yet another season another series that will be running every last week of the month and this month we kick start our One on One discussion with Bobby Milez.One of the best Deejays in the country

411 Tell us about your Brands at Milezville Ent
First of all i would like to take this chance to thank God for this far,secondly anybody supporting my mission and vision because My products are doing well out there…Getting comments from different people who have come across my job is something that really boosts my morale and motivates me to put un more effort.

411 What do you think its your Role in the industry?

My role is to support Good music.If everybody is going to do good music everything will be like the way we all want to see.

411 What are some of the future plans at Milez Ville

We have alot going on at the moment and also we have alot of plans that we will unlease them to the public very soon once everything is in place.Work is going on well at the company ,more projects coming this year 2018.Sweat pant 5 is out black Bottle series is out too.

411 During your Free time what do you do?

I do alot of research to makes sure that my work is clean and good for the market..Fans want to enjoy what you do,that makes me to research alot, i research alot on matter Good music, thats the advantage i have over other Deejays.I dont repeat any music in my products “mixxes” whether its from top artist or not ,there is alot infact there is plenty of content out there to feed people who listen to me.

411 :Challenges that you are facing as a DJ

In everything you do in your daily life, there must be obstacles,success comes when you overcome the obstacle

411 You have feud with some of the Deejays in the industry.

“I have no bad blood with any fellow Deejay”instead lets support each other and we will all eat that cake.

411 Your Last words….
My last words to everybody out there and entertainment fratanity in general, lets support Good Music ,work hard and put God First.


Its a double doze for the fans from Kartel Music …Few days after the release of Karembo song by Susumila Featuring Totti La Inter and Bin Kalama..the duos made it a double Doze as they drop another piece.So fine is the Name of latest project..

Well orchestrated audio production master mind being Totti..Video directed by Ricky Bekko ..My question is?Are the duo of Susumila and Totti working on an album together? #za Chini ya Maji

Labalaa Goes Ham on King Kaka.

Makau Aka Labalaa son few days ago took it to studio and prepared a diss song directing it to Kaka sungura Kenyas top rapper and enterpreneur .Diss tittled Sungura kwa kichaka..Labaalaa teared the Eastlando finest apart verse after verse.”We si Hip hop Halisi we ni Hip Hop Hanithi”

He went further and did a video of the song.Labalaa warning Rabbit about mentioning name of some hip hop legends in kenya like Ukoo flani mau mau and Wakamba wawili.

Arrow Boy:I Wrote “Digi Digi” Myself

“I visited my producer Magix enga,he was preparing something new,i liked what he was making we made a deal and i recorded the song”Arrow boy responding to claims by Bandanah that he helped him up with Lyrics writting.The only thing they helped me with was the idea of #GoDown,*they* ie Bandanah and Director Nezzoh were In studio when i was preparing the song and I thank them for the idea.