Dvj ivory together with hhd crew ent have been taking the streets of coast by storm so far they have hosted numerous show in mombasa.The crew is more popular among youths and other age bracket as day goes by, they said they are not done yet as they have lined up more shows and bigger events. Just a matter of time the dynasty is growing getting bigger and better. 


They have planned to paint coast region red with party cans as they will go all corners of coast to quinch fans thirst, they have been to various clubs in mombasa county and south coast eg talentos beach resort in likoni, club volume shanzu, la folia in mtwapa to name but afew.  soon they will be hosting another show in diani south coast and beyond. 


Story by Kevo Millz



Ricky Bekko!!!Easy to talk to humble  energetic,young and down to  earth is not enough to describe him.At his mid twenties,Ricky is  the Director/producer of The Mdundo countdown show on Startimes/ Triple P TV,music video director of various hitsongs such as Khaligraph jones – Abo teri Mos.Love gone banana-Eko Dyda etc We caught up with him at the CMG offices in Ongata Rongai and he has a lot to be grateful for.

Where did your spend your life as a kid??
I was born and raised up in Kawangware in Nairobi County

Describe your Childhood life.
It was awesome,we played football actualy made out of paper bags,we went swimming in the ponds(duf mpararo) we used to go hunting birds with catapult ( kuwinda manyoni na fare) tukacheza bano,kalongo. Lol basicaly it was fuuuuun!
Among your Family Members who inspires you so much??how many are you?

Its only me and my mum, she is the world to me. We lived in a 2 roomed Mabati house & my mum also worked as a housemaid in Lavington. My small sister past on in 2005 when she was 7yrs old, she died in Kenyatta Hospital simply we didnt hav enough money to take her to a better hospital, i also had girlfriend who carried my child & the baby also passed on during birth in KNH due to the nurses neglegence. So i promised myself to work hard so that none of my family will ever be in such a position ever again.working hard to give my mum the best because she deserves it in every single way. She supported me and talent when few believed in me.my past inspires me to make a better future for my family myself and people around me.

How do you handle fame?
Iam not famous, yes! few people might be familiar with the name but they definately dont know who i am .

Is it safe to say music pays your
bills?you depend on music for everything?? 
Yes music pays my bills but am not entirely dependant on music, i have 2 programmes running on Tv, i also do documentaries n have done afew commercial for several companies. Am also trying to venture into other businesess .

What can you say led to your
GODs favour and the determination i had for a better life, i used to sleep on the floor in a single room that cost 600 bob and i couldnt even afford to pay the rent. I never want to go back there so that fear keeps me on my toes.

Do you get people asking you for help and how do you handle that?
Yes alot of times,sometimes feels like an insult, knowing what i have gone through alot to be where i am at the moment it would be nice if they too worked had and not to xpect things on a silver platter. Like an artist asking for a free music video assuming the fact that you bought the equipments and your crew needs to be paid, the car needs fuel etc yes i have done videos for free but sometimes i feel offended.

How would you describe the role played by your friends  in your success?
My friends have played a crucial role in supporting CMG since we started, they joined the course not because of money but because of the dream we have.I thank them All.

Why did you choose the name Click Media Group?
I wanted a name that is funky n also cooperate, CLICK symbolizes technology, modernity and everything urban. So basically we are Modern and work with the best equipments Technology has to offer. I started off as CLICK VIDEOS in late 2012 but then Jillo came in and we decided to broaden our market base and not limit our selves thats when we settled for Click Media Group to enable us venture into other media related services as you can see. You are a click away to quality….

Your last words to youths and to those who look upon you as their role model??

To get on top…you have to use the stairs,no shortcuts in life,also success does not come on a silver platter,it will not come for you ,you just have to go for it.

After conducting the interview at CMG office in Ongata Rongai,i walked out a jovial lot knowing have gathered all i wanted for my piece >

Vinjunia, Jomy’n:Refigah ‘Heavyweight’ is the stumbling block of #SiuMarry Success.

Jomy'n, Majiran & Vinjunia of Si u marry fame

Vinjunia and Jomy’n might be the new kids in the field, throwing their nets wider for the big fish, hard work and determination is attributed to their success. I sat down with the two artiste to get their side of the story.Arguably they are one of the newest entrants to the world of music, With their start-up capital running close to a million kenya shillings that’s after factoring in the venue, lighting, paying both the audio producer and video director among other needs, they are feeling the pinch when their hit song SI UMARRY  is no more playing in major Radio and TV stations.
How many of you believe in witch craft? Very few, the main person the two are accusing is one Refigah ‘Heavyweight’ as he is commonly known. Let me take you nyuma kiasi tu,you all know majirani of Hivo ndio kunaendanga?? The lad went to Grandpa records, did a track featuring Ti chi hit maker Kenrazy and top producer Vi6,who i strongly believe they largely contributed to its success, after doing very well, obviously there would be a fight and conflict over loyalties, that’s where the beef between Refigah and Majirani all started.


After the trio did their song Si U Marry, it received a massive airplay across major Radio and Tv stations, due to its quality and clarity it came with. After the tussle and bustling that’s s going on between Majirani and Refigah, the Song is no more receiving the airplay it use to enjoy in the beginning and the two are accusing Refigah of witch hunting,
“Yeah and when i heard about it i felt so bad, this is our project and how come we being punished for something that we dont know?That’s unfair, if they have issues between them they should not include the project that we spent alot to make it successful”said Vinjunia.
Even as we continue with this conversation, i could see the sadness in their face agitated with anger and regression and you can’t blame the lads

Jomy'n Mghipuka swagged up

“Yeah….”heavyweight” as he calls himself,he has no any power to influence the kenyan media stations from playing the song’..its affecting two more innocent heads who have never met with him or have any kind of contact and also the die-hard fans nation-wide who really enjoy the song both audio and video from their fevorite tv and radio stations”furious Jomy’n added.Have you ever invested in something then it does not pay off? Thats exactly what the duo are feeling.
“What i can say…me as VINJUNIA am a new brand in the kenyan industry,together with JOMY’N, we have no beef with anyone…..the project costed us close to a million and we did our best to deliver  our fans,we deserve something better than being punished for what we are not associated to, Thanks to EL-MAZUU RECORDS for its efforts for making sure the project is a success .CRYSTAL as the video director and ANTONIO MUZIQAL as audio producer…if refigah is behind this please we request him to do justice to us….it is our song and not majiranis because we are punished for something we dont know….all i need is the project to get airplay for our fans to get satisfied…..its a club bunger to soo many clubs and why not in media?it started playing in media n suddenly stopped….why???”concluded Vinjunia…. This is the plea of two innocent head.
WATCH THE VIDEO Here Si U Marry Vinjunia Feat Majirani & Jomy’n


Coast based artiste Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo is arguably one of the most celebrated artiste in Kenya, she is a role model to many, coming from a very humble background making her way to the top of the game.She knows what is right and what is wrong, I’m not trying to say that she is perfect, On Tuesday the coast based artiste took on twitter to tell a tale of one of the top male artiste based in Nairobi, Daudi Tunda Mudashru Mudaraura AKA colonel Mustafa of former Deux Vultures, apparently the sexy photoshoot of mustafa and his newly found love Huddah Monroe was the epitom of all this tale, Nyota Ndogo accused Mustafa of doing things not supposed to be done by people of his calibre and age.

Controversial photoshoot of colonel and Huddah Monroe

Take a look at what Nyota Ndogo was telling Mustafa on Twitter.

First salvo











Then Vroooooooom hivo ndio Aliendanga

Enough said!!!!

Octopizzo Replies to Khaligraph Through Freestyle and Claims he is better than him.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a while since Octo was send “Under” by Khaligraph Jones through a Diss track Dubbed I run 254, which was a pure diss to octopizzo.The Kibera finest took it home or may be to the bank?.If you thought it was over,well think again,the beef is far from over,octo is back with a Great Diss to Baba yao.

Most of the fans expected a Diss track from Octopizzo a reply to King Khali, but to dismay of many, he went to Homeboys Radio and did a freestyle diss to Khali and YGB members as he flashed out a huge lump sum of money to prove he is not in the same league with khaligraph and YGB members and far ahead of them. Maybe responding to khali‘s
Since nianze kupata fame na pesa kuna mtu ako na uchungu Juu zangu sipewi na kamzungu

Khaligrap Jones

Given that chance, Octo could not leave any stone unturned, the lad claimed that he has alot of responsibilities and errands to run unlike his hater”Khaligraph” who hustles for 200ksh for supper. Listen to the Freestyle Diss here Exclusive Freestyle diss to Khaligraph. Who between Octopizzo and Khaligraph runs 254?khaligraph must reply to this

Khaligraph Jones:FEBRUARY THE 14th 2014!

Khaligraph Jones!!

Khaligraph Jones is not taking chances,after dropping #IRun254,that was a Diss track,Great Khali is back,Ladies and Gentlemen or should I just say Ladies and Ladies,this is Mainly for you,Showing love to ladies in a very special way,a new song for Valentines day ,it will be going on air on that very very Day of valentines or rather Lovers Day,

You got to love this Nigga he knows when to drop a song, and why,he goes with Events,the song is dedicated to all females in Kenya regardless of your tribe,looks and Location,he is telling you not to care about the haters because he will take you slowly pole pole ……all I can say is You will love him even more, just make sure you listen to it very paramount,video Directed by Ricky Bekko don’t ask how you will get it,Keep it here!!!AboTeriMos

Who is this Star Jomy’n Mghipuka?.

Jomyn Mghipuka Swagged up

He is one of the fast rising artiste in Kenya,After being Featured  in the hit song. Si Umarry by Majirani Jomyn’s dream seems to be shining, he believes he has been the king of Underground Music and its now the right time to hit it big,but who is this Jomyn Mgipuka? Harryzon Jayugah
unveils the king of Underground Music and the New kid in Town!!!!.

Kenya Celebs:What are your Real Names and how did you get your stage name?
My real name is Job Wanyama and i got my stage name “jomyn” from back in highschool..i used to be a fanatic of local music kwanza zile za jomino recordz…so instead of job i was cristened Jomino..so i ended up shortening it up to Jomyn!

KC:When Did you first join the music industry?
I started Doing music way back kitambo nikiwa chuo but Proffessionally I started in 2010 Immedietely after my O Level education

KC-You are among the fast rising artistes  in Kenya. How big is your Name in
this industry?
At the moment i will feel better if one would rank me as an underground king……for what I have achieved so Far

KC:What are some of the biggest work you have done since joining the industry?
I’ve been performing in quite big events  and in the same arena with big artists in the kenyan music industry like Nameless kenrazy etc,..proffesional shows invitations..so far the biggest thing is being part of the Si Umarry hook

KC:Any other Established Artiste you have worked with?

Majirani & Jomyn

Apart from Majirani…am working with another big name in the kenyan industry.That’s a suprise to be unlished mid-2014

KC:Who is your Role Model?No lie.When it to comes to this music showbizz.Kenrazy is the man i always look upon.

KC:What would you term as the turning point of your life?The whole “si umarry” project..From the day we stepped into the studio to have it recorded.Ndoto zilianza kuCome true…i got signed at ‘El mazuu recordz and am enjoying  being managed by the record lebel..

KC:Where do you see yourself in the next Few years to come and kenyan music?
Working on an international scale of music,Nigeria,SouthAfrica back to our neibhouring states….The Kenyan industry will be more of amazing..vitu zina go digital

KC:Apart from Music what else do you do?
Am a 3rd year student at Moi University Main Campus,Studing business adminstration and Marketing

KC:Your Last words to fans both Established and Upcoming artistes?
Losta love kwa mafans and more so appreciating for their most encouraging support mostly in the “si umarry hook”…to all artist lets make the kenyan industry more and more intresting..i admire the Nigerian industry,hhaha…and put God first in everything you do..thanks for having me in your Desk.